Anxiety and panic disorders can affect anyone. These types of psychological issues can often be debilitating for individuals or the people around them. Dr. Dana Royce specializes in counseling for people who suffer from anxiety disorders. Dr. Royce offers private and professional counseling services for individuals and families who are in need due to complications from anxiety. She is available to provide therapy in assisted living facilities or from the comfort of your own home for individuals who cannot make it to the office.

Do not let anxiety make you and your loved ones suffer. Speak to Dr. Royce and get the help of a trained professional who cares about you. Dr. Royce has been providing care for people in need of therapy due to anxiety for over 15 years. She graduated in 2002 and has been licensed since 2004. Anxiety can get the better of you if you let it go unchecked, contact Dr. Royce today and schedule your appointment to come in for counseling, it will be the best decision you can make for managing your anxiety.