Living with chronic pain is incredibly difficult, and even disheartening. Chronic pain is experienced from a variety of accidents, injuries, and medical conditions, and is incredibly difficult for many people to deal with psychologically on their own. Counseling is an extremely helpful tool for someone that experiences chronic pain. Dr. Dana Royce has been assisting patients with psychological distress due to chronic pain for over 15 years. She has the experience to assist with relaxation techniques to help with the reduction of pain. If you or a loved one has noticed distress from an injury or medical condition that causes chronic pain, contact us to learn about the variety of helpful treatment options that Dr. Dana Royce can provide.

There is no need to feel the psychological effects of chronic pain and go through it alone, chat with an experienced professional and get the type of counseling that is proven to help. Dr. Royce provides free phone consultations for patients seeking assistance in dealing with chronic pain. Contact our offices today and learn about how she can assist you or your loved ones.